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ICO Racing equipments – Repair service


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Your ICO Racing™ Rallye computer includes a 24 month warranty (Europe only).

For ICO Racing™ products which are no longer under warranty or which have been damaged in use, ICO Racing™ offers a flat-rate repair program. Your Rallye MAX 2™, Rallye MAX-G™, or older Rallye MAX™ and Rally VRL™ will be repaired or replaced with a refurbished unit, at our discretion.

Repairs include a 90-day warranty.

ICO Racing™ has two repair centers. One at ICO Racing™ headquarters in Washington state, USA, and the European Service Center, operated by F2R. If you would prefer to send your repair to the United States, please check ICO Racing website for more information.

Place your repair order online and choose the deliver method for return. Then, send us your equipment with a copy of your repair order confirmation email (postal address here).
When repaired, we will send you back your unit.

NOTE: In cases of extremely damaged units with no salvageable parts or units that have been modified or opened by the user himself (cables, housing, back plate or potting) will not be eligible. Your repair fee will be refunded and the unit will be returned.


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