For the last 40 years (at least), roadbook navigation has been based on paper roadbooks.

It’s obviously very strange that – in 2021 – a highly competitive sport that envolves thousands of riders can be based on something (paper) created 2.200 years ago and in a technique similar to the egyptian papirus created more than 4.000 years ago! But it’s a fact that, for all these years, there was no affordable technology available that could compete with the paper roll’s simpleness, reliability, readness and easy distribution.

Liked or not, studying, marking and mounting the rolls on the roadbook holders became a routine for every rider on every Rally Raid event.

However, we believe this reality has changed and we are entering a New Era.

Today, we believe it’s possible to build a digital device that can successful handle all the rally-raid extreme conditions providing an enhanced roadbook experience for an affordable price. This has already been demonstrated.

In our view, digital technology should not change the navigation challenge or make roadbook navigation easier. That would hurt the Roadbook Navigation sport essence.

Hopefully, it will increase safety, will be easier to use, will make some organizational tasks more practical like RB correction and – last but not least – will allow actions like late roadbook distribution that will increase the sport fairness and equal opportunities.

This is an exciting and promising path!


Change process has already started and, as before, F2R will be a major player in this Roadbook Navigation New Era.