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RB850 Rally – Electric roadbook holder (standard accessories)

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Electrical roadbook holder for the most demanding riding

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Electrical roadbook holder for the most demanding riding

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what’s new in new F2R RB850 Rally?

  • A lighter yet strong enough enclosure, that will ensure excellent robustness and water and dust protection for everything that goes inside, including the roadbook.
  • A new cover to ensure better isolation, enhanced viewing in all conditions and easier operation. We also improved safety, including a new unbreakable polycarbonate glass with a special anti-scratch and anti-glare coating.
  • A completely new transmission mechanism. Simpler and much more efficient than actual belt-based systems. It will take the roadbook from the first note to the last one with no extra help. And it’s incredibly reliable! We did extensive and intensive tests in all conditions and we are confident you can go (at least) for a 40.000km roadbook ride with no difference noted or maintenance required!
  • Motor speed has been increased, making operation easier.
  • More capacity. Although smaller than previous model F2R RB750, capacity has been increased to handle up to 55mm thick roadbook rolls. This means you will be able to use roadbooks rolls with more than 18 meters long and more than 500 notes!
  • Roadbook load and unload operation has been made easier
  • Reduced total weight



  • Holds roadbook paper rolls up to 55 mm thickness (more than 18 meters long and 500 notes)
  • Build in aluminium for high mechanical resistance and lightness.
  • New innovative transmission works all along the roadbook from first to last note
  • Roadbook load and unload operations made easier
  • High water and dust resistance for severe conditions use.
  • Aluminium and highly transparent polycarbonate cover with a view area of 158x107mm and double lock
  • Include internal leds for night navigation
  • Fully compatible to previous brackets designed for F2R 750 Rally
  • Atractive design
  • Dimensions : 195x124x75 mm (excluding knobs)
  • Weight : 780gr
  • Includes also :
    • Mounting kit for a standard 12mm round bars (RB857 – RB850 mounting kit)
    • Power cable to battery and remote (RB723 – Integrated connection box)
    • Handlebar Remote (RB752 – Remote switch for RB750 Rally)

If you prefer to build your own configuration, please check our RB850 Rally – Electric roadbook holder (RB only)


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